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Pelmeni (Dumplings)

Homemade These delicate pork or chicken dumplings will become the highlight...
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Cabbage roll (2 pcs)

Filled with ground pork, rice, tomato sauce, and seasonings. Served with...
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Plov (Rice Pilaf)

Chicken or pork Rice Pilaf (regular and vegetarian) A tasty alternative...
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Pozharsky Cutlet (3 pcs)

is a breaded ground chicken or pork patty that is typical for Russian cuisine. Served...
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Vareniki (Pierogies) Vegetarian

Homemade, Vegetarian The homemade quality, taste & texture of Grandma's...
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Syrniki (5 pcs)

Fried pancakes from cottage cheese. Served with sour cream and sugar. Topings:...
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Pan Fried

Forger your French fries! This is cooked by our Chief for YOU! It’s p...
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Nalesniki (2 pcs)

Pancake with fillings. Choose: Meat (Pork) or Cottage Cheese. Served...
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Lenivie Vareniki (Lazy Pierogies) Vegetarian

Homemade, Vegetarian Traditional Ukrainian breakfast dumplings made from...
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Porridge with 1 toping. Add: Teriyaki or General Tao Chicken / Fried...
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Burger from Crepes Club

Perfectly pan fried herbed pork tenderloin, crispy outside juicy inside. Topped...
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English Breakfast

2 Eggs (your style), Bacon, 2 Sausage, french toast and fresh vegetabl...
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Mom's Spaghetti

With 1 toping: Fried mushrooms and cream / Shrimps with Alfredo sause...
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Piroshki with filling (3 pcs)

Soft and fluffy pastries with golden fried exterior and savory meat filling...
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Pork Ribs in BBQ

Served with your choice of Buckwheat, French Fries in Garlic Sauce, Rice,...
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Canadian dish originated from the province of Quebec, made with French...
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Sausage with Garnish (3 pcs)

Served with your choice of Buckwheat, French Fries in garlic sauce, Rice,...
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In the Russian style: Perfectly pan fried herbed pork tenderloin. Crispy...
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Stuffed Pepper

Bell peppers stuffed with ground pork, rice, tomato sauce, and seasonings...