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Established in 2013.

Eastern European cuisine is very much a part of the population's culture, lifestyle and customs. Well-known for its great diversity and amazing flavors, Ukrainian cuisine has had a number of influences including Polish, Romania, Turkish, and Russian. Popular ingredients are meat, mushrooms, vegetables, berries, fruits, and herbs. As Eastern Europeans we are extremely hospitable and our meals are served in very generous quantities.
We strive to build home-away from-home bringing traditional flavors, authentic ingredients, and philosophy of home made cooking from scratch. Good meal is made with love and best ingredients. Our food traditions are loaded with history and our techniques are perfected throughout centuries. It is not just a place to eat, we trace the history of traditional home cooking by cooking in an "old- fashioned" way. Along with perfectly prepared meal, you'll get the great satisfaction because of Eastern European hospitality and sincerity.

Meet the Business Owner

Meet Henry, who is an Eastern-European chef and entrepreneur who come to Canada in 2013 to fulfill his dream. He graduated with a Bachelor in Economics and Marketing (Ukraine), and worked in a variety of fields bringing exceptional customer services. Food and home-make cooking have always been a passion for Henry. Local chef brings the best of home food making, using traditional recipes and using simple quality ingredients.


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